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Homeschooling Guide

This guide is a resource for homeschooling parents. information on NYS regulations, paperwork, curriculum ideas, local resources, and more.



Welcome to the Liverpool Public Library Homeschooling Guide.

Whether you are just starting out with your homeschool adventure, or are a seasoned veteran, Liverpool Public Library is here to help.

This guide will show you;

  • our many homeschool library resources
  • library homeschool programming
  • state regulations
  • local resources

Getting Started Homeschooling

So you are thinking about homeschooling? Here are a few steps to help get started.

  1. Do your research- How does homeschooling work? What time, effort, and money will it take?  The Onondaga County Public Library system has many books on how homeschooling works.  Click on the link to check them out and gain confidence.
  2. Know the law - See the NYS Homeschool Regulations page to read and understand the requirements for homeschool parents. 
  3. Connect with the community -  Homeschool families often join together to create vibrant communities that support each other in learning cooperatives, parental support groups and extra-curricular activities. See the CNY Homeschool Groups slide show on this page for a listing of some groups in the area and the Library Homeschool Programs page for homeschool events in the area.
  4. Continue your research! - Discover your child's learning style and types of curriculum available. See some tip at Starting Strong on the HSLDA website.

Homeschooling book suggestions