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School Survival for Parents: Reluctant Readers

Library and community resources available for parents partnering in their child's education.

How to encourage your reluctant reader

Ways to encourage your reluctant reader...

Go graphic. There are many high-quality graphic novels that draw in readers through illustrations, short-form text, and engrossing story lines.

Find characters who reflect your kid's experience. Kids like to see themselves in the stories they read. Look for books with characters and situations that mirror their experience.

Take turns. Use a book of your child’s choosing and take turns reading a page (or two) to each other. Ask questions along the way, but keep it fun!

Read Aloud – Even if your child reads independently, listening to a family member read is special. Your child will hear literature above their reading level and they will see you valuing the written word. Your kinesthetic learners might enjoy coloring or quietly building while you read.

Audiobooks – Listening is not cheating – it’s enhancing! Like read alouds, audiobooks allow new readers to immerse themselves in a story beyond their reading ability. Try audiobooks in the car or at home. 

Multimedia – Use multiple learning styles! Listen to the audio book while reading the print, or ebook. 

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