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Frequently requested books categorized by your friendly neighborhood librarian.

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LPL Staff Picks

Librarian: Ms. G

Ms. G Favs

Swamp Thing: Twin Branches

Diabetic Alec is spending summer in the swamp where he grows further apart from his twin. A moody creature feature that's beautifully illustrated with plant experiments that pop off the page. 


High quality short stories! So inclusive: all different genre stories (realistic fiction, fantasy, and scifi) with a cast of relatable characters from all different backgrounds. LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Cemetery Boys

Wonderfully descriptive fantasy/romance starring a gay trans boy who wants to be recognized as a brujo in his latinx community during Dia De Los Muertos.

Clown in a Cornfield

Unexpected twists and turns make this brutal slasher a satisfying read for fans with strong stomachs.

Oh, there's more!

Picking favorites is hard. Here's a bunch more that I loved <3