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Job Hunting in Liverpool NY

Job Searching

Greater Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Liverpool Chamber of Commerce maintains a Member Directory of businesses right here in Liverpool. They also publish a newsletter where you can learn more about how the business community is adapting to the pandemic and getting involved with the community. You can also find a job and volunteer opportunity board. is the official website of Syracuse's largest newspaper, the Post-Standard. They have a user friendly classifieds page, and it always pays off to keep up with the happenings on in the Business section. Get the first scoop on new business openings, insights from local leaders, and upcoming events like job fairs and trainings.


Urban CNY

Urban CNY is a newspaper that covers the urban neighborhoods and the issues that are important to people of color throughout Syracuse and Central New York. Learn about events, construction bid announcements, job training, career fairs, and more on their Opportunities page. You can also read stories from minority business leaders in the Business section.


CNY Works

In addition to providing educational resources, one-on-one advising, and financial assistance for education, CNY Works also maintain two wonderful lists of employers.

The first is a list of the Top Local Employers in Syracuse. These are companies whose websites you may want to bookmark and check frequently for future openings.

Another great resource is the list of local Temp Work and Placement Agencies active in Syracuse. You may not get reliable full-time work through a placement agency, but you may get enough to tide you over while you search, and quickly start getting some entry-level experience under your belt. If you make a good impression on employer while working as a temp, it is not unheard of for that employer to cut out the middleman and hire you directly. At the very least, they might know someone else who's hiring, and be willing to write you a recommendation.


NY Department of Labor - Seasonal Opportunities

The New York Department of Labor hosts a job board that features immediate job openings available throughout the state. The board is free from spam or fake employers and each posting has a clear end date, making this job board much more user friendly than some private job search engines.


Working for NY State (Civil Service)

Entering a civil service career in New York State can feel a bit daunting, as the process for getting hired is a little more intricate than the typical job application. With so many opportunities in the public sector though, it is definitely worth your time to learn the ins-and-outs of the exam process. The civil service recruitment process rewards those who prepare early, as positions are often filled by a standing pool of qualified applicants from previous rounds of testing. Don't wait! The deadline for an exam could be soon, and may not come around for several months.


Onondaga County Personnel Department

You will also find different positions on the state website than those published for Onondaga county, so make sure to check both places frequently.


Eventbrite - Syracuse Job Fairs

Job fairs give you the chance to meet and interact directly with local employers, and even handshake your way to an impromptu interview. You will need to come prepared, of course. Dress your best, bring plenty of copies of your resume, and spend some time practicing typical interview questions, because you never know when an employer might make a decision on the spot. You can often do some research to find out what employers will be there, so you should be able to put together a list of questions that you want to ask them.

Pick the Job Search Site that Works for You!

  • Job search sites are not created equal. Search engines populate listings in different ways. Some are more effective than others at weeding out fake or outdated ads.
  • Some websites are more aggressive about requiring your personal info, and some will expose your e-mail address to marketers.
  • Ads cost employers money. They have preferences about where they advertise and treat applicants different depending on where they apply. This is why you won't see one single website with all the available jobs.
  • Before committing to a site, try opening a handful of them and running the same search terms through their engine. Which one yields more relevant results? Try again later and see which ones are showing the same jobs as before.



Getwork focuses on getting out of your way, and linking you direct to the employer's own job postings. This means you are more likely to apply to organizations that actually exist, and are still hiring for the listed position. You can register an account with GetWork to save your favorite links, but it is not necessary.



Known as the professional's social network, LinkedIn also features a robust job search engine. On LinkedIn, your profile is your resume, and comes with far more features than the standard one-sheet pdf. If you've invested time into building up your profile, it can be a great way to put your best foot forward. Since your data is out there for all to see though, LinkedIn is a favorite tool for recruiters and headhunters (and scammers) who might occasionally contact you out of the blue. Use your judgment. How much information does the world really need to know about you?



Indeed is a massive search engine that grabs listings from all over the web, and presents them in one convenient place. Indeed is one of the cheapest places to advertise, so there will be many jobs on Indeed that you won't easily find anywhere else.

Indeed's job postings are gathered by automated job scrapers. This means many of the jobs that get listed do not get verified to ensure the employer is still hiring. Their algorithm also favors high application volumes, so you might get lost in the crowd. In an attempt to narrow down applicant fields, Indeed offers employers the ability to make applicants take multiple-choice skill assessments and personality tests before delivering their application to the employer. These are not designed by the employer. It is sometimes possible to apply for the same job through a different portal, typically the employer's own website. If you take the assessment, Indeed will keep that result on file for months, not allowing you to retake it, and forcing you to submit that same score to future employers who ask for that same assessment. Therefore, if you do decide to try one of these assessments, be ready to try your best on the first try.



Known for its reviews, Glassdoor gives you the ability to learn a lot more about the culture of the organization. Indeed and Glassdoor are owned by the same company so cross-promotion between the two sites is very typical.



The Muse is a job board that markets itself as the place to learn about company culture, though it mostly consists of glossy profiles of big companies. The site is good if you want to focus on established businesses that definitely exist while avoiding fake listings. However, you will miss out on local and small businesses that don't have the resources to create a full profile on TheMuse.



Employers pay ZipRecruiter to post their job ad and then blast it out to all the other smaller job boards on the web. What ZipRecruiter doesn't do is bring in additional results from other websites for applicants to sort through. This means fewer jobs listed compared to Indeed or Monster, but the results are not scraped from other boards.



Careerbuilder is a large job board similar to Indeed and Monster. It features some handy search filters to help you narrow your options, and it tells you up-front whether you need to apply through Careerbuilder or directly on the employer's website.



Though they now have a vast field of competitors, Monster remains one of the long-time titans of the job search engine market. Note that when you click Apply links, you may sometimes be taken directly to the employer's website, or you may be asked to register an account with Monster.


If the pandemic lockdown gave you a renewed appreciation for remote, work-from-home, and digital nomad jobs, FlexJobs might be the site for you. FlexJobs vets their ads to make sure the jobs you're applying for are real and up-to-date. The downside to applying for these jobs is that you are competing against people from all over the country (or the world!). The other catch costs a subscription to join before you can start applying.



This site focuses specifically on hourly, part-time, seasonal, and shift-based jobs. Bartending, cashiering, delivery, fast food, retail, warehouse, and other essential entry-level jobs. Employers who use this site do not ask a whole lot from you in terms of unique application content. If you roll eyes every time a career counselor tells you that you need to be writing a different cover letter and resume for each employer, SnagAJob has you covered. Fill out your profile once, send it to the employers you like, and move on.

USA Jobs

This is the official job board of the United States Federal Government. It posts all federal job opportunities with a position description and instructions how to apply. The big problem with this website is that the job descriptions can be confusing, filled with bureaucratic jargon that might make you feel under-qualified for a job that you can totally do. Make sure to check out their Help section for more information on how to view and interpret the application.



Idealist is a job and internship search engine that focuses on opportunities to make the world a better place. Here you will find positions in non-profits, charities, public service organizations, social outreach, and more. It is also a great resource for college students, recent grads, and gap-year-takers looking to build experience as a volunteer.



Colleges and universities are entire ecosystems unto themselves, and they hire many different types of people beyond just teachers and administrators. There are custodians, food service workers, IT departments, recreation coordinators, maintenance professionals, and many many more hats that are all essential to keeping campuses up and running. HigherEdJobs scans the job boards of learning institutions and presents them in a one-stop shop.